Our success and company history.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

About Our Company

The Artisans at 3MTea™ are pleased to introduce you to our premier herbal blend, Jasmine Tao. Our formulation may help support a daily gentle cleanse of the digestive and cardiovascular systems while creating a harmonious balance between peak metabolism and vitality. Enjoy!

3MTea Beginnings

The Founders of 3MTea™ began working on the organization, product and company philosophy in the fall of 2016.  In January of 2017, our management team had informally come together to begin the process of structuring the legal entity and beginning operations. By February 2017 the Founders had acquired office space and begun building a team of full time employees to start making this dream a reality. 

By early Spring 2017 the company’s official pre-launch and grand opening dates were set. All wheels were full speed ahead on our web site, product inventory, mobile apps, commission software, customer service systems, global logistics, merchanting and pay systems. Once corporate finance was solidified, there was no turning back.

3MTea Origins

The Founders of 3MTea: CEO Ken Forrest, and President David Vigos, have a history of trusted friendship surpassing 25 years.  Having worked together intermittently for over two decades, they wanted to do something that had the potential to change the world, something that would be so big that the positive impact could leave a legacy imprinted on millions across the globe.  In as much, the two decided they would go back to the basics of physical and mental wellbeing and create an all-natural, mindful, herbal tea company — merging health and prosperity with a message of “mindful living”.

The result was the birth of 3MTea Mindful Tea Company:  a wellness and lifestyle company — wherein the focal practice is awareness — consuming 3 mindfully prepared cups of tea per day; mindfully practicing deep breathing, stretching, and meditation (quieting one’s mind for a few minutes) every morning, mid-day and evening. Thus, the mindful practice and trifecta of whole body wellness.

Tea and Mindfulness pair like destined soul mates. The earthy, aromatic, and healing quality of herbal teas are prepared in a simple “mindful” manner, soliciting all the senses to become centered and grounded in the present moment. This simple daily practice of the two together causes a rejuvenating and life-sustaining revival destined to cause positive transformations in the lives of families all over the world.

To properly fuel the success of this mindfulness movement, Ken drew upon his vast experience in direct sales, using the power of viral marketing with incentives to not only better the quality of health and happiness of millions, but also provide the possibility of wealth through the first of its kind hybrid of direct sales and internet affiliate marketing. In doing so, 3MTea was blessed to gain the interest and direct support of industry giants, personal friends who not only have successfully sold billions of dollars worldwide in the direct sales space but also share a deep desire to reach the lives of millions through mindfulness teas and create a more conscious and health-oriented generation.

3MTea’s beginnings were just getting started! As soon as it was announced 3MTea was a “mindfulness tea company” professionals with a similar mindset began to be, and continue to be, drawn to the “mindfulness tea revolution”. It wasn’t long before the embodiment of the feminine Zen and mindfulness incarnate would show up. Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc., a remarkably accomplished and centered professional from Dallas, TX caught the mission and vision of 3MTea and she became an investor in the company. Dr. Carla’s complimentary background as a professor and educator in health sciences and nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga is a celebrated compliment to the cause and she thusly serves as an active participant on 3MTea’s corporate executive team to build a legacy.

With the synergy and experience of CEO Ken Forrest, President David Vigos, Executive Vice President Dr. Carla Russo, and the backing and support of like-minded industry legends on 3MTea’s executive board of directors, all the necessary elements for a successful “mindfulness tea revolution” were now in place, and the 3MTea “mindful revolution” was born!

Mr. David “Vigos” Varvarigos – President of 3MTea™
Co-founder of The Mindful Living Academy of 3MTea™

David “Vigos” Varvarigos

David ‘Vigos’ Varvarigos, a Las Vegas native born into a large family of eight siblings, is father to four beautiful children who have traveled extensively with him around the planet. Fluent in English and Japanese, he studied Asian and Japanese business, literature, and language at Brigham Young University. Thriving from an early age as a self-motivated entrepreneur Vigos built a successful mortgage brokerage from 2001 until the Great Recession in 2008, and then a prosperous international trade finance brokerage in 2008 through 2017.

From his early teen years Vigos developed a strong passion for holistic health, meditation, philosophy, yoga and athletics. The lifelong pursuit of these passions has helped unfold greater self-awareness and purpose in his life that have instilled more stability and serenity during life’s many challenging moments.

Immediately after finishing high school David began traveling and internalizing the richness of world culture. It is through these travels and living abroad that he developed a deeper compassion for human beings and the planet. Vigos considers himself a futurist and eternal optimist spending his free time studying innovative technologies in green sustainable living, advancements in human potential, and systems that connect our local and global communities.

A practitioner of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, Vigos co-founded 3MTea’s Mindfulness Academy with Dr. Carla Russo. He considers a mindful lifestyle the cornerstone to prosperity and abundance.

Because of his love for natural health and wellness, and lifelong experience with nutrition and herbal teas, Vigos is the primary product developer for 3MTea’s holistic and functional tea offerings, with the first of these being Jasmine Tao.

Mr. Ken Forrest – CEO of 3MTea™

Ken Forrest

Ken was born in Texas,1966 and has lived and traveled around the world. He is fluent in Spanish and English. Ken has five children ranging in ages from 16-31 yrs old, is married, and is looking forward to moving the 3MTea HQ to Hawaii in Feb 2018. Ken began his career in Networking in 1984; with now several decades of experience as an owner, distributor and consultant to the industry on a global scale.  Ken states that earning over $20,000 a month as a distributor in his early 20’s hooked him for life and birthed his love and passion for this industry, leading him to found and grow  companies in his garage, subsequently taking them public on wall street for hundreds of millions. As CEO he has previously built two companies which were valued in the millions in the MLM Direct Sales Space as well. Ken says, 3MTea is the boldest and biggest dream I have ever had, and I believe because of the strengths of my Co-founders, the Board, the Key Executives, and the Field Leaders,  3MTea will become the largest Tea Company in the world. That is the dream, the goal, the vision, and now our team’s mission!

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc.
Executive Vice President,
Director of Health Sciences Advisory Board,
Co-founder of The Mindful Living Academy of 3MTea™

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc.

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc., Professor of Nutrition and Health Sciences, is a Board Certified Naturopath, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, is a Registered Yoga Instructor, and holds a sub-specialty in Homeopathic Psychology and Human Behavior.   Dr. Carla is the owner and founder of Zen Wellness Academy in Dallas, TX, and host of The Zen Perspective Show with Dr. Carla.

Dr. Carla was born of Cuban Italian parents in California and is fluent in both Spanish and English.  Dr. Carla has traveled around the world extensively and resides Texas where she lives in the city of Dallas with her philanthropist husband Joe Russo, and their rescued pets Baylor (dog) and Jasmine (cat).  Dr. Carla is a seasoned businesswoman with a very successful track record valued in the millions in the health and wellness space.

Today, Dr. Carla is the Executive Vice President of 3MTea.  She is also the Director of the Health Sciences Advisory Board, as well as the Co-Founder of 3MTea’s Mindfulness Academy with President David Vigos.  Dr. Carla firmly states 3MTea is committed to revolutionizing the Direct Selling Industry ~ in legendary fashion ~ with a movement of wellness never before seen, as 3MTea’s Elite Board of Directors, Corporate Team and Field Leaders set out to effectively and mindfully change lives around the globe for the better: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and financially, one cup of tea at a time!  Dr. Carla’s philosophy and passion rest in simplifying being healthy ~ while amplifying being happy.