We here at 3MTea believe there are six main aspects of personal wellbeing: physical, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual, and financial.

We further believe wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process that is multi-dimensional and holistic, an encompassing lifestyle that focuses on mental and spiritual well-being that is positive and affirming.  Wellness and living a healthy lifestyle have evolved to represent more than just being physically fit.  No longer is it enough to make it to the gym and sweat.  Today, being healthy and truly alive, rather than just existing, involves a more complex and systematic approach that specifically integrates elevated states of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In as much, we at 3MTea believe in a philosophy of wellness that evolved from several crucial areas of health and wellness that complement one another to provide a well-balanced, vital, and prosperous life.  Thus, we believe maintaining a good level of nutritional hydration and healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance for one’s overall wellbeing – and it all starts with mindful choices – and the consideration of our core beliefs of:

Mission Statement

Traditions of Self-Awareness, Health, and Abundance

As a company, 3MTea encourages traditions of self-awareness, health, and abundance for ourselves and friends and families, as well as for our customers and their friends and families. Creating traditions as a unit-whole develops lasting bonds and enduring habits that can be nurtured for generations- creating meaningful family legacies. We imagine these families coming together collectively revolutionizing how we prosper and develop as a community.

Mission Statement

Live Holistically: Mind and Body

These family-oriented traditions are centered around living more holistically, creating healthy body transformations, and promoting mind/spirit evolution. Integrating these ideals into a practice becomes a daily lifestyle choice which we feel naturally flourishes in a social setting with our loved ones and friends around a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Mission Statement

Strengthen Social and Emotional Bonds

Sitting down as a regular practice with our family and loved ones creates an atmosphere that generates cohesion and balance in our lives. For this reason, we encourage setting time aside every day that invites learning more about each other while creating ways to build and support personal goals. We feel this sets the tone for integrating our personal and collective goals better as a group- fostering healthy social identities and more intimate support networks.

Mission Statement

Commitment to Our Personal Growth and Development

The naturally cleansing, balancing, and rejuvenating characteristics of our herbal teas represents our personal commitment to evolving and continual transformation into our best selves- becoming the best father and mother, brother and sister, friend and lover, and business professional possible. Ever evolving, always learning and growing.

Mission Statement

Developing Mindful Leadership Skills

We at 3MTea deem building an effective leadership style key for living a successful, well-balanced, mindful life. We recognize that no one is a born leader — everyone can develop leadership skills and everyone can benefit from using them purposefully. As such, we believe strong effective leadership skills are valuable and essential for moving our professional life proactively rather than reactively; thus, our commitment to educate and support mindful, whole-being wellness.