Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc.
Executive Vice President,
Director of Health Sciences Advisory Board,
Co-founder of The Mindful Living Academy of 3MTea™

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc.

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., MSc.  is a Professor of Nutrition and Health Sciences, a Board Certified Naturopath, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, is a Registered Yoga Instructor, and also holds a sub-specialty in Homeopathic Psychology and Human Behavior.   Dr. Carla is the owner and founder of Zen Wellness Academy in Dallas, TX, and host of The Zen Perspective Show with Dr. Carla.  For over 20 years, Dr. Carla’s work has focused on sharing both her personal and professional experience addressing the whole being, mind, body and spirit; specializing in the field of transformation and consciousness for healthy lifestyle living, empowering profound personal and professional break-through for individuals and organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom.
Dr. Carla is also the Co-Founder of 3MTea’s Mindful Living  with 3MTea President David Vigos.

As an educator, transformational seminar leader, retreat facilitator, and keynote speaker rooted in Ayurveda ~ teaching naturopathy, homeopathy, and organic nutrition, Dr. Carla marries her depth of wisdom and insight with passion, humor, and sensitivity to empower individuals in awakening to the brilliance of who they are ~ Bridging The Gap Between Impossible and Attainable ~ living life intentionally by design ~ naturally and organically.

For more information on the science of Jasmine Tao, please visit http://www.drcarlarusso.com

Dr. Todd Oczkowski D.C.
(Dr. Ozzie) 

Dr. Ozzie is a Dallas, Texas based board certified chiropractor with over 15 years of post-graduate studies and clinical practice in Applied Kinesiology (AK); and has 12 years of continuing education in functional/integrative medicine.  Dr. Ozzie’s passion lies in aiding his patients to optimize their well-being naturally and organically.

Dr. Hausa Johnson, PharmD

Dr. Hausa Johnson, PharmD., began her career as a clinical pharmacist, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology followed by a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  Dr. Johnson has provided full spectrum pharmaceutical care with specific emphasis upon ambulatory care, geriatrics, HIV/AIDS, pediatrics, anticoagulation, oncology, surgery and transplant patient populations.  After over 16 years of interacting with patients and their caregivers, she made the decision to fully embrace a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Dr. Corbin Matthews, DDS 

Dr. Matthews focuses his practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Cosmetics, Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry. He takes a medical approach to treating his patients, and feels that the Head and neck area have direct correlation to other systemic issues his patients may suffer from.  He loves Dentistry, and enjoys networking with others and creating new ideas and business’s that create wealth and happiness for others.