The sachets are made of cotton. No chemicals are known to seep from the sachet into the tea brew. The outside of the tea sachet is printed white and then coated with a clear, food grade coating. The inside of the foil overwrap is silver foil coated with a food grade coating as well. The tea bags (sachet) are safe to brew with.

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Answer: Jasmine Tao Tea is effective at gently and gradually detoxifying and cleansing your body from the toxins and other matter that builds up and stores in your intestines and colon. Gradual weight loss may be a natural benefit of drinking the tea as the toxins and matter build-up cleanse out over time and digestion becomes more efficient and regular.

Answer: Yes, Jasmine Tao Tea is safe for children to drink; however, we recommend the child drink between 2 to 4 oz. a day. You may need to adjust the amount up or down depending on how it effects the child’s bowel movements. Remember, the child should be regulated to 2 or 3 bowel movements per day.

Answer: If you are already regular, meaning you have bowel movements two to four times a day, then your system is regular enough that more tea won’t change that. However, if you are not that regular you may need to drink more of the tea or make the tea stronger with another tea bag added to your brew. Regardless, regular daily consumption of the tea will continue to have a detoxifying and cleansing effect on your system which is healthy for regular maintenance.

Answer: Make sure you are not drinking more than the recommended dose of 8 ounces 15 min prior to meal times. You can take a day off from drinking the tea and then start again the following day drinking 2 to 4 ounces of the tea and adjust the amount from there depending on your digestion. You can also dilute the tea with water or juice and drink it more slowly, and/or use one tea bag when brewing until you get the desired results that suits your system.

Answer: The herbs are grown in the United States and Asia. The herbs are organic but currently not certified organic.

Answer: Jasmine Tao Tea is made in the United States.

Answer: Herbal teas are made from dried herbs, flowers, and/or fruits.  In contrast to white, green, oolong and black teas, herbal teas are not actually made from tea leaves. Jasmine Tao Tea is an herbal tea blend of 11 different organic herbs and natural plant extracts in addition to Jasmine Pearls, which are hand rolled green tea leaves flavored in fresh jasmine petals.

Answer: Jasmine Tao Tea has a light aromatic herbal flavor with hints of jasmine, hibiscus, and persimmon and has a light amber golden color. Its mild flavor allows for mixing with your choice of sweeteners, teas, citruses, herbs, or fruits.

Answer: Yes, prepared Jasmine Tao Tea can be mixed with sweeteners, other teas, citruses like lemon, and other natural flavorings like herbs, fruits, juice, or any other beverage of your choice. Try out as many combinations as you like to make it a daily enjoyable experience.

Answer: Our bodies are subjected to all sorts of toxins that are present in our daily environments. If we eat empty-calorie foods not only does it create poor nutrition and uneven energy levels in the short term, but also the toxins collect and store in our organs and cells creating poor health, sickness, and even disease over time.

In addition to toxins building up in our organs and cells from the things we eat and drink, contaminants also accumulate from environmental exposure to toxins in the air, our water supply, the detergents and cleaning agents we use, and the building materials in our homes and offices.

As these toxins build up in our bodies and collect in our gastrointestinal tract, colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs the sticky slow moving matter builds up and clogs and prevents proper functioning. Over time the build-up starts to show in our abdomen inside our organs as it bloats and bulges our waistline.

The general result is a failure to cleanse the organs, a condition called auto-intoxification, which causes the toxins to reabsorb into the organs and tissues and slowly poison our mind and body.

Regular exercise and diet unfortunately is not enough to reverse the condition. No amount of sit-ups and running will be enough to detoxify and clean out our organs. Fortunately, there are powerful foods we can eat and drink, that if done on a regular basis can gradually reverse the auto-intoxification and eventually return our digestive system back to normal.

The results may start to show up almost immediately. Our waistline may start to shrink, we may feel less bloated, we may have better body odor, and our skin, hair, nails, and breath may improve. Overtime our organs may shrink to their original designed size and the bell-protruded look may start to recede to an attractive and lean midsection. During this process, our energy levels may go up, our appetite may decreases with digestion efficiency, our brain may start to think more clearly, our hormone balance may improve, sex-drive may go up, and our general well-being may improve and possibly making a happier, more attractive version of ourselves that we were designed to be!

Answer: Jasmine Tao Tea is a safe, gentle cleansing herbal tea.  So, if you do not already have regular bowel movements, the initial cathartic effect of the tea may cause bloating, mild stomach upset, loose stools, and diarrhea.  However, once you have achieved bowel regularity, these conditions will lessen or go away completely.

Answer: Two tea sachets make 1 gallon of Jasmine Tao tea. 1 gallon of tea lasts approximately 1 week for one person.


  • Bring 4 cups of water to a boil
  • Add 2 tea bags to boiling water, turn off heat, and place a lid on to steep
  • Allow steeping tea to cool
  • Pour the 4 cups of tea into a 1 gallon container
  • Allow to steep overnight concentrated in refrigerator
  • In morning, fill container to 1 gallon with cold water
  • Drink alone or add your favorite sweetener, lemon, or fruit flavors and enjoy cold or hot
  • Refrigerate unused portion
  • Makes enough for 1 person for one week

Answer: Jasmine Tao has Jasmine Pearls in the blend- Jasmine flavored hand rolled green tea leaves. However, the amount of caffeine per 8 ounce serving is nominal, under 6 mg. An average cup of coffee is 90 mg. Therefore, the caffeine content is unlikely to ever be noticed.

Answer: Yes, you can drink Jasmine Tao Tea hot or cold. As a hot tea more flavors will come across the mouth’s pallet. As a cold tea a lot of flavoring options are available typical to iced teas.

Answer: Jasmine Tao has been formulated to be an ongoing daily drink. The compilation of herbs are in proportion so as to not need to stop drinking for a period of time before resuming. The tea is gentle and effective over a long period of time.

Answer: Due to the detoxing effects, Jasmine Tao Tea is not recommended for pregnant women, infants, or people with certain health conditions (such as anemia, diabetes, and kidney disease) without first consulting a doctor.  In addition, women who are nursing, children and teenagers, the elderly, and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition should consult their health care provider before using this or any herbal supplement.

Answer: It is recommended that you take any medications at least 1 hour before or after drinking the tea.  Otherwise, the tea may flush them from your system too soon for your medication to be effective.


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